The assessment system

Referred to the UCW Regulation

Article 92
The assessment system, grading

1. The ratio of the teaching programme acquisition is assessed with the system of 10 (ten) grades. The lowest passing grade is considered grade 5 (five). In the Written Evaluation Format it is practised the “point” or “percentage”- assessment that is 100 points or 100%, or with letters (ECTS system with letters from A to F). Grade assessment is compulsory, in the sense that the final assessment will be reported with a grade.
2. The assessment panel communicates the examinations’ results at the end of the Oral Examination, whereas for the Written Forms of Examinations the results are provided within 15 (fifteen) days from the day of the examination. The secretariat compiles the list of the students who are “staying down” in different subjects and of the students who result with failing grades.
3. Upon the completion of the study programme, the GPA computing is considered, which counts the relevant credits for each discipline or the other performed activities.
4. Going from one grading system to an other is done according to the following table:

Grade 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Points 0 – 49 50 - 55 56 – 65 66 - 75 76 – 85 86 - 95 96 -

5. A passing grade is considered grade 5 (five) or higher, 50 points and higher and the letters E – A. Those students with a GPA of 9.6 or higher or who accumulate over 96 points i.e. are evaluated with at least letter B (converted on the grade 9.6 or higher), are eligible to be included in the “Dean’s List”. An appointed commission headed by the Dean of the Faculty selects the candidates from this list and proposes those who can benefit scholarships or various trainings for the next academic year.