The teaching secretary is an integral part of the educational process at “Wisdom” University College.

Its mission is to provide various services to all enrolled students who continue their university studies, as well as to those who have completed their studies and graduated.

The main tasks of the secretariat office are:

Secretary of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
Suela Maksuti

Secretary of the Faculty of Law
Mirela Robo

Chief Secretary Anjeza Osmani
  1. Welcomes, informs and registers students
  2. Prepares students files
  3. Prepares student lists with all matriculation data
  4. Entries in writing in the basic register, all data of students with matriculation number
  5. Sends data on student registration and maintains correspondence with National Examinations Agency (NEA)
  6. Prepares and writes booklets
  7. Prepares lists of data to complete diplomas
  8. Prepares and writes diplomas
  9. Preparation of records and certificates of graduated students
  10. Writes the names of graduate students in the diploma register
  11. Prepares the class register for the beginning of the school year
  12. Posters exam dates
  13. Follows the progress of learning in the classroom
  14. Prepares digital student lists
  15. Prepare the supplement for the covering branch
  16. Sends the list of graduates to the Ministry of Education
  17. The Chief Secretary oversees all the duties of the Secretariat
  18. The Chief Secretary prepares the minutes for the exams
  19. The Chief Secretary records the grades of each student in the grades register
  20. The Chief Secretary maintains correspondence with the institutions


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