The "Wisdom" Library is the supporting unit of the institution and serves its teaching, cultural, educational process, vocational training, and scientific supplementary service. The library collects, processes, stores, and notices services for the use of library materials following educational goals. Provides free services for students, teaching and administrative staff, concerning library regulation.

The library provides students with information and borrowing services, as well as reference literature on topics or subjects required by its users. The library fund is constantly enriched with contemporary literature. It mainly covers the fields of law, psychology, economics, history, linguistics, literature, in Albanian and foreign languages. There are also textbooks and auxiliary literature for students, various translations, Wisdom Press publications, dictionaries, CD-ROMs.

Students and academic staff have access to the online use of the website (LINK), installed in the laptops of the reading room in the library. The online site offers all library members the opportunity to read, study, and explore online, according to their study interests. Library users have access not only to the internet, but also to the use of 12 laptops and 24 computers.

The library schedule is 08: 30-19: 30


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