It Office

The mission of the IT Office is to provide the institution with effective and secure technology solutions and services.

The main responsibilities are:

-The IT department is responsible for maintaining the information system of “Wisdom” University College, updated with appropriate technological changes.

-The entire infrastructure of “Wisdom” University College, including the computer network, is under constant monitoring and control by IT staff. In addition to network security, the physical security of computer equipment is also possible through monitoring.

-Access to the computer system of the institution, access to the network and from the Internet are authorized and managed by the IT Office. They are given to the respective persons to perform certain tasks safely. Attempts at unauthorized access are automatically rejected.

-Internet access is regulated based on the category of pages. The web filtering system prevents users from accessing malicious and unwanted sites.

-In terms of data storage and confidentiality, the IT Office is responsible for taking appropriate action following the policy of “Wisdom” University College to provide appropriate security.

-The IT department is responsible for system maintenance and troubleshooting.