Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Department of Psychology

The Bachelor of Psychology study program at WISDOM University College has been prepared in accordance with the current needs and refers to the best experiences of the academic institutions in developed countries.
The Department is responsible for:

  • First cycle study programs “Bachelor of Psychology

  • Second cycle study programs, Master of Science “School Psychology and Education”

The Bachelor Degree in Psychology and the Master of Science in School and Education Psychology have the following general objectives:

Academic development of Psychology specialists in order to meet the demands of the economic and social development of the Albanian society. To prepare specialists with theoretical and methodological skills. Its double aim is to prepare professionals in relatively new fields and active citizens in a democratic society. It provides students with significant knowledge, know-how and expertise for in-depth research and application.

Department of Economics

The mission of the Department of Economics is to provide local and global labor market specialists and business managers with the best and most up-to-date knowledge.

The vision of the Department of Economics is to achieve the highest standards, recognized internationally both in the programs it offers and the performance of its staff, with the aim of ensuring quality as a primary objective.
It is responsible for:

  • First cycle study programs of “Bachelor in Business Management”

  • First cycle study program of “Bachelor in Finance - Banking”

  • Second cycle study program of Master of Science in “Business Administration”

These courses of study have a carefully selected content and also specific educational objectives.

Professional study programs

  • Real Estate Agent

  • Social Assistant

  • Legal Assistant

  • Administrative Assistant

Courses are completed after obtaining 120 credits, in Albanian language, with a normal duration of 2 academic years (4 semesters).