Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors is the highest collegial administrative body, which guarantees the fulfillment of the mission of “Wisdom" University College its financial and administrative progress. To accomplish its mission, the Board:

    Recommends to the administrator of the company the necessary changes in infrastructure, academic quality, and activities of “Wisdom" University College.

    Gives recommendations and orients the best use of the budget sent and protected on board by the rector, before its final approval by the Administrator or the Assembly of Partners
    Guides and orients to increase the effectiveness of public activities and the marketing process that takes place within the college itself

    Reviews and approves the general operating policies of “Wisdom" University College, concrete policies of teaching and recruitment of the academic body, extracurricular research programs, teaching-scientific publications, various trainings, criteria for awarding grants or special scholarships

    Board Regulation
    The Board of Directors of “Wisdom" University College consists of 5 (five) members with the right to vote, who are approved by the General Assembly of the Society.

    Members are representatives of "Wisdom" shpk companyand well-known experts in the fields of academia, management, economics, law or local government, may be partners of the company, and are appointed by the administrator of “Wisdom” company.

    The Rector, the heads of the main units, the heads of the basic units and the administrators of the institution and the main units may not be members of the Board of Directors, but may be invited to attend its meetings.
    The Board, on the proposal of the administrator of the company, elects its chairman from among the members with the right to vote, with 3/5 of its members.

    The Chairman directs the activity of the Board and its meetings. In his absence, this task is performed by a member of the Board, to whom the task is delegated, orally, or in writing, by the chairman himself. The term of office of the chairman is two years with the right of re-election.

    The Board also approves a secretary who is part of the academic staff, academic assistant, or administrative assistant of “Wisdom” University College.

    The Board, during its activity, after a preliminary consultation with the Administrator of the Company and the Rector, may establish supporting structures and commissions for special issues at a certain time.