Rreth Nesh - Instituti per kerkim dhe zhvillim


Instituti per kerkim dhe zhvillim Wisdom

Eshte nje institucion jo-qeveritar dhe jo-fitimprures i krijuar ne vitin 2015 ne Tirane. Instituti u krijua nga Kolegji Universitar “Wisdom” dhe ka 4 sesione:

- Te analizoje, studioje, shkruaje rekomandime, te publikoje punime shkencore, manuale, broshura, fletepalosje, revista, gazeta, libra etj. -Te organizoje seminare shkencore, takime, workshope, konferenca ne bashkepunim me institucionet e tjera kombetare dhe nderkombetare -Promovimi i avancuar kombëtar dhe ndërkombëtar në procesin e mesimdhenies dhe mësimit - Instituti do te bashkepunoje me organizata kombetare dhe nderkombetare

Instituti per kerkim dhe zhvillim Wisdom do te jete nje ndihme e madhe per Kolegjin Universitar "WISDOM", i cili synon te jete nje institucion primar ne ofrimin e mundesive per studime dhe kerkime per studentet Shqiptare, duke kontribuar ne promovimin e Tiranes si nje qender e mirefillte mesimdhenieje dhe puneve kerkimore, dhe te permiresoje bashkepunimin me institucione te ngjashme jashte vendit.

Rreth zyres
Research and Development Institute Wisdom" is an independent, non profitable, scientific, research and development institution in support of ShLUJ Wisdom University. It strives to improve University’s research productivity and expand the impact of its academic discoveries on both scholars and the community in the economic and social field. It is committed to support the research endeavors of the university and staff. It offers proposal development services and provides assistance in the submission of proposals to external sponsors. The Research and development Institute Wisdom serves as the institutional liaison with external agencies on all research administration and contract matters. The institute promotes interdisciplinary research and awards funds for early stage research development activities. It aims to make more effective the research activities and support services available to our researchers, and as such its tasks are: Carrying out processes to activate to the fullest the university’s interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary capacities through effective projects; Ensuring coordination among Research Centers; Monitoring data on research activities carried out and generate reports; Providing administrative and financial support to our researchers at every stage of their projects (preparation, application, management, reporting, closing, publication, marketing, etc.) Informing and equipping our researchers to efficiently address research compliance issues; Updating and investing in our research and scholarship infrastructure; Identifying appropriate funding opportunities; Announcing limited submission opportunities and coordinating internal competitions; Offering proposal development training; Managing and coordinating the preparation of the proposals; Drafting non-technical sections of the proposals; Providing proposal review, editorial, and design services; Connecting faculty to appropriate staff and other resources throughout the university.


To achieve its aim the Research and Development Institute offers expertise in these areas: a.To explore and to conduct scientific research in these fields Law Sciences Economic Sciences Social Sciences Countries Integration Education Economic development Democratization National Security Law and rights, etc,. b.To anayze, study, write recommandations, to publish scientific works, manuals, brochure, leaflets , newpapers, journals and books, etc c. To organize scientific seminars, meetings, workshops, conferences in collaboration with other national and international institutions. d.To promote the advanced national and international in the process of lecturing and learning 4.4. The institute will collaborate with national and international Instituti on __________________________ Some of the tasks that the Institute for Research and Development has are as follows: 1. provides support for obtaining sponsored research funds and managing sponsored program activities; 2. organizes projects cycles for internal projects including calls, collecting applications, assigning reviewers and monitoring implementation and budget usage; 3. drafts policies, regulations and procedures concerning research activities; confirms requests for research funding; 4. monitors financial transactions for completed work, services rendered and supply of equipment, materials and working tools for project coordinators; 5. provides procedural support for the professional development of academic staff; 6. assists in the publication of scientific journals and textbooks; 7. supervises the administration and monitoring of internal and external research projects; assists in the preparation of applications for various local and international projects.

The staff
The Research and Development Institute WISDOM has a staff commited to promote research and development in the relevant areas to meet higher levels and standards